Candice Glover's 'Idol' Advice: Know Who You Are


If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. It's a saying that American Idol winner Candice Glover took to heart, auditioning three times before getting cast in the 12th season of the singing competition show, which she proceeded to take by storm.

Now, Candice has released her debut album Music Speaks, which was released February 18, and Candice met up with ET contributor and Z100 Morning Show host Elvis Duran to talk about the record and to give some advice to people looking to try out on Idol.

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"I think, more than anything, they look for people who know exactly who they are already," the 24-year-old singer said. "I think the first time I went, I didn't really know. I just went because people told me I could sing well. So I didn't really know who I was."

Candice first auditioned in 2009 during the casting sessions for season 9 of American Idol.

"I came back the second time, and I still didn't know, I was trying to be somebody else," Candice continued. "But when I finally decided, 'This is who I am, take it or leave it.' I was more true to who I was."

After auditioning again for season 11 she got farther along the process, but still didn't manage to move on to the actual show. But in season 12, she blew the judges away by delivering songs she loved and that fit well into her repertoire.

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"Song choice is definitely a big part as well," she advised. "If you want to be an R&B singer, don't sing punk rock or something like that. Or, if you want to be versatile and you want to change and show them your versatility, you can, but more than anything stick to who you are."

Check out the video for more from the Idol-winning singer on what inspired her debut album, what she shares on social media, and what she thinks of the new season of Idol so far.

Candice Glover's debut album Music Speaks is out now, and can be purchased HERE.

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