Ziggy Marley Makes Free Reggae Music with 'Fly Rasta'


Fresh off his sixth career Grammy win and a European Tour, Ziggy Marley hit the main stage at the Sunset Sessions in Carlsbad, CA. I caught up with the legendary artist just moments after his performance to talk about his latest album, Fly Rasta, a labor of love he says defies both genre and expectation.

"What I like to say is that I want to extend the borders of reggae," Ziggy says of the record.  "Making reggae music, but making it free reggae music... that is free of any standards of what people are thinking."

With a career that spans over three-decades, Ziggy is still jamming, and in recent years his work has also focused on children, including a children's book based on his popular song I Love You Too.

Never one to remain idle, Ziggy is making music for today but that he hopes will last hundreds of years from now. 

"As an artist, the freedom I have to evolve my art is what I do," he explains.

Watch the full video above to catch some of his Sunset Sessions performance and to find out what busy Ziggy is up to next!