Hear the Most 'Trivial' Song Ed Sheeran Has Ever Written


Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran recently appeared on the Elvis Duran & the Z100 Morning Showto talk about his sophomore album x (pronounced multiply), in which he revealed that he wrote a whopping 120 songs in a year to prepare.

"I kind of treated it like a day job," the chart-topping British artist explains.

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Though of course, not all of them were winners.

"The best songs that I wrote came from writing in, like, a random room, like a shower room -- shower rooms are great to write songs in because they're big reverberations -- the thing was I just wanted to have the exercise of writing songs. It didn't matter if the songs were good or not. I just wanted to get a song out of me," he says. “Pretty much all the songs didn’t make the album. But it was more about getting it out of me. The kind of feeling and soul that you get from song that comes from real pain and heartache or happiness, you don't get if you're just sitting down and writing a song about anything. The best songs were written in moments of pure despair."

So what's the most trivial song he's ever written?

"We have a shop in England called John Lewis which does a Christmas advert every year, and the Christmas advert always has a song in it, and you know what, I was like, 'I'm gonna write a song for all year-round that can be in like spring, autumn, summer, winter … so this is the most trivial song," he smiles. "It's called The World Keeps Spinning Round."

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Click the video to hear the surprisingly catchy tune, plus to see his hilarious Pharrell impersonation, whom he worked with on his first single Sing!

Sheeran's new album x is scheduled to hit shelves June 23.