Avril Lavigne Responds to Racism Claims Over 'Hello Kitty' Video


Avril Lavigne is laughing off claims that her new music videofor her single Hello Kitty is racist.

The music video in question features the Canadian pop star dressed in a loud cupcake tutu and flanked by four Japanese women as they troll through Tokyo, drinking sake, eating sushi and visiting a candy store.

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Billboard slammed the video for its "Japan fetishization" and called the “gloriously ghastly” video "an embarrassment in any language."

Avril responded to the growing criticism Wednesday.

But the track has been heavily criticized not just for its music video, but for the seemingly juvenile lyrical content, including the lyrics, "Let's all slumber party, Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties."

Lavigne is 29 years old.

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Check out the video below and weigh in. Do you find Hello Kitty offensive?