Kristen Stewart Makes Directorial Debut (Behind-the-Scenes Video)


Twilight star Kristen Stewart, 24, is making her directorial debut with Sage + the Saints' Take Me to the South music video, and in this new behind-the-scenes footage released Wednesday, the usually stoic Stewart clearly enjoys her new gig.

Stewart is close friends with the band's lead singer Sage Galesi, who she says convinced her to try her hand at directing.

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"Basically, I'm grateful to Sage, because she was like, 'I have this little thing, no one could tell the story better than you . . . just do it and stop being such a p***y,'" she tells Rolling Stone.

"I've been saying I want to direct movies since I was 10 years old," she explains. " ... It's such a different pressure than the one that I'm used to when I act. It's this very consistent strain that never lets up. It's your responsibility to hold this thing together, and I was always concerned I was missing something. Missed opportunities are the most gut-wrenching, painful, nauseating thing. ... I had to harness my energy rather than let it explode all over the set."

Shot in Tennessee with co-director David Ethan Shapiro, the project is part of denim/lifestyle brand Buffalo David Bitton's "Blank Check Series."

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Watch the video to see rare footage of a smiling Stewart in her first directorial shoot.