Austin Mahone Talks Kissing Fans and Possible New Single With Bieber?


Austin Mahone's new EP The Secret was released Tuesday, as was Billboard's new Real Time Twitter charts. To celebrate, Mahone played a single off his new album at the Billboard press conference.

Check out the video to listen to Mahone's single, and to hear the 18-year-old music star talk about his life in the spotlight.

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"I remember one time I accidently kissed one of my fans on the lips when I was doing a meet and greet. She said, 'Can I have a kiss on the cheek?' I was like, 'Sure.' Then she turned and I turned at the same time and we swiped lips. That was pretty weird," Mahone reveals.

Mahone also responded to rumors about the possibility of him releasing a song with Justin Bieber, but don’t get your hopes up. Mahone says there are no current plans to release the song.

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“I’m not sure even if I will, you know, put it out,” Mahone says. “If I do, it will be next year. But who knows?”

As for the Billboard real time charts, you will no longer have to wait to see how your favorite songs are performing. Billboard will be updating their music charts in real time, so everyone will always know who the hottest names in music really are.