Luke Bryan Named People Country's 'Sexiest Man 2014'

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There's no denying that country singer Luke Bryan is easy on the eyes.

But if you need further proof, the 37-year-old superstar has just been name People Country's Sexiest Man 2014.

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In the new issue of People Country, on stands Friday, Bryan dishes on what he finds sexiest in a woman.

"Confidence, the ability to wing it and the ability to get fancied up and pretty," Bryan, who's been married to his wife Caroline since 2006, says. "I love the whole girl-next-door thing, the whole thing of, you know you're pretty but not going too far with it."

And what, according to his wife, is his worst habit?

"Hmmm ... there are so many! Probably talking on the cell phone. Or answering it during dinner. The best thing for me is to leave it in the car and then I know I won't answer it," he admits. "Whenever I'm like, 'I left my phone in the car,' she's like, 'Ooh – special!'"

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Do you think Luke Bryan is the sexiest man in country music?