See Who Topped Spotify's Top 25 Artists Under 25


Spotify has named their top 25 artists under 25 and we're breaking down the five artists who soared to the top of the list.

Coming in at number five is crossover superstar Taylor Swift. Her album Red was released over two years ago but according to Spotify she is still streaming strong today at a reported 800,000 times a day.

Taylor's ex Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction are at number four. And in a surprising statstic, nearly half of the listeners of the group are guys! What's their 1D song of choice?

"They're music streams about one million times a day. And their song Story Of My Life is one of our biggest hits at the moment," Spotify Trend Expert Shanon Cook explains.

Miley Cyrus bulldozes into the third spot on the list. She is follows breakthrough artist Lorde who at number two is a perfect example of someone Spotify has helped explode into mainstream music. Her hit single Royals has been streamed 160 million times.

So how did Spotify come up with their  list? The music streaming service tracked the biggest artists based on the amount of streams they've accumulated and which artists had top hits.

"We also considered how much our listeners were sharing certain artists," Cook adds.

Since sales are not part of the equation here, the top 25 under 25 is a new way to track who's on top in the social media age. Watch the video to find out which artist topped their list at number one. Hint: he is the first artist to reach a billion streams and Madonna is eager to work with him!