7 Times People Have Doubted Beyonce & Jay-Z's Love


We don't mean to be intrusive, but who hasn't fantasized about Beyonce and Jay Z's seemingly perfect marriage? Just us? OK, then.

But can you blame us? The hip-pop power couple has had fans mesmerized since "Bonnie and Clyde" and (obviously) "Crazy in Love." And while we love to watch them collaborate on stage, we also can't help but be curious about the superstar couple's private life. Maybe that’s why there have been so many crazy rumors about outside trysts.

However, now, the rumor mill is getting fuel directly from Beyonce. During her weekend performance in Cincinnati, B donned a wedding dress and delivered a powerhouse performance of her 2006 song "Resentment," changing a few of the key lyrics and leading many to wonder: is she confirming that her hubby strayed?

Rumors and gossip are nothing new for these two, so let's look at 7 times people have doubted Beyonce & Jay-Z.

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1. The Elevator Brawl:
We all remember the silent security footage heard 'round the world. Solange sets her sights on Jay Z and holds nothing back as she hits him with her fits and kicks him with stiletto heels. Beyonce, meanwhile, simply stands by. What went wrong? The world may never know. (But rumor has it that Rachel Roy was involved.)

2. The Long Island Princess Mistress Accusations:
Bravo reality star Casey Cohen found herself caught up in the 2014 drama when InTouchreported that she was Jay Z's mistress. Cohen responded in kind by filing a lawsuit against the Bauer Media Group (which owns InTouch) and demanding that the company remove all stories written about her and make a public apology to all parties involved (including Bey). Cohen did cop to meeting the power couple through her work as a VIP hostess at 1Oak – but that's it. Other starlets to be recently tied to Jay (at least in the tabloids) include Mya and Rihanna

3. The Bodyguard:
Now this one is strange. The family's longtime bodyguard, Norman Oosterbroek, died suddenly in 2013 a short time after being fired. The whole story is bizarre, but news outlets were particularly interested in the lewd acts that lost him his job, involving the family's passport photos.

4. The Trinidad Toddler Allegations:
In 2011, a Star report alleged that Jay Z had secretly fathered a son nine years prior with Trinidad model Shenelle Scott. Conveniently, the report surfaced shortly after Beyonce debuted her baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards.

5. The Porn Star's Maybe Payday:
Rumors swirled back in 2010 that former porn star Jazmine Cashmere was pregnant by Hov, while the National Enquirer reported that the rapper allegedly paid Cashmere off. Cashmere denied the report, along with additional speculation that the father may have been 50 Cent or P. Diddy.

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6. The Obama Obfuscation:
Even President Obama wasn't safe from the drama. Earlier this year, a French newspaperreported that Bey was having an affair with the Commander in Chief. The story appeared to stem from a gossiping paparazzo on the radio and was quickly dubbed "absurd" by team BK.

7. The Rumor Rita Ora Ain't Hearing:
Rita Ora put the radio hosts at Power 105.1's
"The Breakfast Club" on blast when they asked about her alleged affair with her Roc Nation boss. "Don't you dare disrespect Beyonce like that ever again in your life," she scolded the hosts. "You should know better than that… that’s just straight up disrespect. You can’t even go there." Translation: Nope. Not happening.

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