Nicki Minaj's 5 Most Eye-Popping Ensembles


If Nicki Minaj knows one thing, it's how to turn heads.

The rapper made waves with the bootylicious single art for her latest release, "Anaconda," which features Minaj squatting, showing off her backside in nothing but a G-string, sneakers and a sports bra. But when it comes to struttin' her stuff on a global scale, Minaj was already a pro.

In a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on Monday, Minaj shed light on the controversial image. Recalling the day of her photo shoot, Minaj said that her manager was hesitant to give that specific pic his stamp of approval.

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"Because he didn't want me to put it out, I put it out," she said. "He was thinking that it may be too over the top and I said, 'Well you know, in the beginning of my career I took pictures like that, I did photo shoots like that and I don’t want to lose that sense of who I am.'

"I feel like one of the people I looked up to the most was Madonna," Minaj added. "She's never stopped pushing the envelope, she's never stopped taking risks and I don’t ever want to stop doing that either."

In another interview with Elvis Durand, Minaj said that she "fell in love" with the picture because "I just thought it was gonna get everybody talking." And if you're wondering how you too can pull of the look, Minaj says it's simple: "You just put all the pressure on the balls of your feet." Noted!

ET is taking a look back and some of Minaj's most daring fashion choices, from her barely-there swimwear to imagining a new use for electrical tape. Which look is your favorite? Chime in using #ETNow and hit the comments below.