Did Drake Call Rihanna the Devil?


If Drake's Monday night concert was any indication, the 27-year-old rapper's breakup from Rihanna wasn't amicable.

There are a lot of ways that spurned lovers refer to their exes -- but not many manage to call them the devil in front of thousands of screaming fans.

According to E! News,
Drake was performing in Toronto as part of the OVO Fest when he began singing his new single "Days In The East," which he's confirmed is about his tumultuous relationship with the 26-year-old Barbadian beauty.

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During the performance, the screens behind him flashed fiery red and the number six flashed three times. After each time, a picture of Rihanna's face appeared. It's not hard to get what Drake was saying when he digitally branded his ex's face with 666, the number of Satan.

Drake and Rihanna had a notorious, and very public, on-again/off-again relationship over the past few years. Earlier this year, it seemed as if the couple was very much on, before it all crumbled once again.

After the concert, Drake posted a photo to Instagram that showed his silhouette on stage with a red, flaming "6" on the screen behind him. He captioned the photo: "All I know."

It seems unlikely that things will be on again for these two after this devilish display. Do you think Drake was out of line?

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