Katy Perry Makes A Baby Stop Crying And It's Adorable

Getty Images

Katy Perry has already gotten back to her bold fashion ways, and now it appears she might be channeling the hearts and minds of our pre-K youth.

Eva Baker posted this video on YouTube of a fussy baby abruptly brought to wonder and joy at the sound of Katy Perry's Prism single, Dark Horse.

Just look at the baby's reaction when Dark Horse starts playing.

That is the "this is my jam" face to end all "this is my jam" faces. That adorable expression is the look of someone whose every worry has just disappeared entirely.

Then Katy's verse kicks in and the baby let's out an audible, "ohhh...."

We know, baby. We know.

Oh, and Katy Perry totally saw the video and tweeted about it.


Watch the video if you like adorable things and/or smiling forever.

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