Petition to Have Weird Al Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show Goes Viral

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Your move, NFL. Let's get weird.

If the signees of a new petition have their way, the headlining act at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show will be none other than Weird Al Yankovic.

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On the heels of Weird Al's first number 1 album, Mandatory Fun, a fan from Seattle started the petition while drunk, reasoning that the most memorable part of past Super Bowls is "typically the humorous commercials, or some kick a** halftime performance. Why not combine the two?"

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Even though that does in fact sound like drunk reasoning for a drunk idea, it has proven very popular, with the petition already netting over 75,000 signatures and counting.

So how would this all look? According to Ball, "the songs of artists that he is parodying could join him on stage to accompany, as well as other surprise appearances from well-known actors/actresses, adding more prestige and star power."

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No response yet From Weird Al or the NFL.

Do you think Weird Al would make a good headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show? If so, you might as well throw your name on this petition.

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