TBT: Did Will Smith Contribute to Enrique Iglesias' Fame in 1999?


Will Smith called Enrique about 'Bailamos' on his "portable phone."

Remember 'Bailamos'? Of course you do…and it's probably stuck in your head now.

Fifteen years ago, it was the song of the summer as Enrique Iglesias topped the charts with his sexy Spanglish hit. For this Throwback Thursday, we're heading back to 1999 when we were on the music video set with Enrique for his number one hit.

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The song was featured on the soundtrack to the Will Smith movie Wild Wild West and turns out Big Willie himself had a little something to do with the song topping the charts.

"He told me that he wanted me to be in the soundtrack. I'm a huge fan of his so I was like (gasp)! He called me over my portable phone and I was like, 'whoa who's this?' I didn't want to believe it the first time," Enrique told us on the set, "I was pretty amazed, you know? And then he came to a concert at Universal and I gave him the song and then from there it went on."

Great job Will! The widely successful hit marked his crossover to English-language music, having already topped the charts with his Latin audience, "The song is so special because I think it's going to bring in a different audience that doesn't really know me and they're going to know a little bit more about my music."

It certainly did! Enrique even performed at the next Super Bowl Halftime Show with Christina Aguilera. Check out the video above to see 24-year-old Enrique Iglesias, just shy of his launch to superstardom.