Justin Timberlake Sings 'Happy Birthday' to 8-Year-Old Boy with Autism

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This is above and beyond adorable.

This is above and beyond adorable. Justin Timberlake left one lucky boy speechless when he led a crowd of 25,000 concertgoers in a singalong of "Happy Birthday."

The boy, who has autism, was turning eight years old, and as he proudly proclaims multiple times in the video, the Timberlake concert was "his present."

Marika Rosenthal Delan and her husband took their son Julian to the show, and when some fellow audience members heard their reasons for attending the performance, they managed to get Mr. J.T.'s attention.

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"And then it happened. Justin Timberlake was singing 'Happy Birthday.' They all were," Marika recalled in a blog post. "The awesome grandmother of three sitting in front of us. The model-esque girls sitting to our right. The people sitting to our left that offered us the video that they captured of the whole thing. They were all singing. All 25,000 of them. And I swear the light in his eyes when this world of people began to sing was so bright it must have been what got my eyes so unexpectedly teary."

The excited mother concluded, "Last night the world saw Julian, and for the first time, I think Julian saw himself in the world."

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