7 Things We Learned from Taylor Swift's Live Stream


Taylor Swift revealed her new song "Shake It Off," a music video for it and a new album coming out called 1989. And yet, all of this was not enough for one Monday live stream because she revealed 7 more things that no one expected.

NEWS: Taylor Swift Releases 'Shake It Off' 

She was inspired by 80's pop saying, "Bright colors, bold chances, rebellion. The idea of that was so inspiring to me — and the idea of endless possibility was a theme in the last year of my life."

Taylor records her music that comes to her mind as voice memos on her phone, and three of these memos will be included on the deluxe version of 1989.

Taylor's hair is different on every album, and she knows this because she's organized. "I'm very organized in weird ways, and I like to look at old pictures and look at my hair and say oh that was the second album."

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All she "thinks about are metaphors and cats."

She'll continue the secret messages because she thinks we like them and we LOVE them! How else would we know which songs on Red were about Jake Gyllenhaal?

Goodbye, country music! She is officially going full pop to make her "sonically most cohesive album."

Taylor likes to spend two years making an album. She says, "Two years gives you enough time to grow," and her music changed.

1989 will be released on October 27.

Taylor Swift is not only a musician but an actress. She most recently stars in The Giver. Check out what she has to say about acting.