Boyz II Men Back with New Music & Hamburgers?!


We all love Boyz II Men's music, but how does a '90s boy band stay relevant in 2014? We were with the group as they prepared for the release of their new album Collide, out October 21.

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Michael McCary left the group in 2003 due to health issues, but aside from that, the group looks just the same with Wanya, Shawn and Nathan still going strong. Fans can look forward to Collide getting more personal than ever.

"You'll see more of our individuality with this particular thing," said Shawn.

Collide marks their 11th album and the group reminisced over their two decades in the business.

"We've been blessed to be able to have songs that stood the test of time," said Wanya.

"When you're in the business for 22 years, you get to a point where you become creative again and you pretty much just do what you want," Nathan added.

One of those things happened to be commercials. Watch the video for a look at their new ad for Wendy's.