Flashback to When Nicki Minaj Wanted to be a Nurse


There was a time when Nicki Minaj was looking to contribute to the world in a more conservative manner.

Nicki Minaj's childhood dream was never to become a thong-wearing rap star that gives Drake a lap dance. There was a time when the 31-year-old was looking to contribute to the world in a more conservative fashion.

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In a flashback video of Nicki from her childhood, she reveals what'd she'd like to become when she "grows up." She recites to camera, "I'd like to be a nurse when I grow up so I can help, people less fortunate than I am."

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Though she never made it as a nurse, Minaj has become a wildly sexy hip-hop star that we're sure plays doctor from time to time. So popular in fact, that she's found a fan and friend in Beyonce. Upon doing a remix of Queen B's song "Flawless," the Vanguard Award winner gifted the "Pink Friday" rapper with jewelry at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

Minaj Instagrammed: "If Beyonce didn't walk into your dressing room and give you a diamond "FLAWLESS" necklace, then there's no way you could be having a better week than me. Lol. Awwwww thank u QUEEN. ur just a precious gem. I could never thank you enough for your influence on powerful women all around the world. #WeFlawless"

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Well, to quote Beyonce, we're certainly "jealous" of Minaj's new bling!

Do you think Minaj chose the right career path?

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