Watch Will Smith Dance on a Segway at Burning Man


This is a video of a masked man at Burning Man dancing on a segway:

That masked man is (probably) Will Smith. We repeat: That is a video of Will Smith wearing a gas mask and doing a coordinated group dance on a segway. At Burning Man. If you haven't already, scroll back up and click play again. Will Smith. Segway dance. Burning Man.

How do we know this is Will Smith? Connect the dots, people.

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Exhibit A:

Will Smith posted this picture on Facebook August 31 and captioned it, “Headed to Burning Man!!” From this, we can deduce that he was both at Burning Man and wearing a gas mask. The Instagram video was posted September 1, within the frame of time Will Smith was feasibly both at Burning Man and wearing a gas mask.

Exhibit B:

Will Smith has recently entered a renaissance of dancing shirtless in Instagram videos. Just last month he got onstage at a pool party in Vegas to dance and then seemed to decide, “You know what? I’m going to do this dance shirtless.” The motivations match up.

Exhibit C:

If you listen closely, you can hear the instructor saying, “LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT GET JIGGY WITH IT LEFT RIGHT GET JIGGY WITH IT.” This is 2014. No dance instructor says, “Get jiggy with it” unless they are getting jiggy with Will Smith.

Verdict: Will Smith.

Now we have a million more questions, like:

1. Why was Will Smith at Burning Man?
2. Was Jaden Smith also at Burning Man? He seems like the Burner type.
3. Why was Will Smith dancing on a segway?
4. Why is anyone dancing on a segway?
5. Is dancing on a segway a thing now?

And so on and so forth until our brains explode.