Yes, Chris Brown Still Considers Himself a Role Model


He's nothing if not honest.

Controversial singer Chris Brown, 25, covers Billboard magazine's latest issue, in which he talks about his experience in jail, living with constant reminders of his past relationship with Rihanna as well as being a role model for his notoriously dedicated fans.

Though he's well-known for his bad boy behavior, Brown says he can still be considered a role model because of how he's dealt with his past mistakes.

"As far as my mistakes in life, that’s being a role model, because people can see my mistakes and learn from them. I’ve gone through more stuff than most 35- or 40-year-olds, and I’ve dealt with it," he says. "As far as becoming a man in the public eye, continuing to persevere and stay positive throughout trials and tribulations … that’s the only thing I’d say contributes to my being a role model. If kids look up to me, that’s amazing; great."

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Brown's reputation was forever altered of course, after he plead guilty to felony assault against then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. But does he ever see a day when the incident will stop getting brought up?

"When we’re not relevant anymore, that might be the case. As long as you’re doing something good, people will always bring up old stuff or negative stuff because they don’t want you to surpass a certain level or elevate," he says. "But as long as you have your head on straight, it shouldn’t matter what people want to say."

As for his experience in jail, Brown reveals that he didn't spend any time writing new music.

"You know, jail isn’t a place of many creative spirits. But as far as my creativity, I put it on hold until I got out. Jail is more of a regimen and a structure. I’m more of a free spirit when it comes to creating music, painting and art," he explains. " ... A guard wakes you up; you eat. You stay in your cell most of the time, basically 24 hours a day. Maybe on Mondays you go to the roof inside of a cage and have a phone call. It’s isolation. You have time to focus on what matters, on what to do and what not to do."

And what has he learned from jail?

“My maturity level has risen as far as my realizing what’s important. Realizing that I’m human like everyone else. At the end of the day, it’s just a humbling experience,” he says. “You’re more appreciative of everything else that’s on the outside. A burger tastes 1,000 times better when you’re out.”

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Check out the “Loyal” singer showing off his comedic side by singing his own version of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” in the video below.