11 Reasons Why Nicki Minaj Is a Great Motivational Speaker for Kids

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We have Nicki's defense ready, after her former school rejected her offer to speak.

This is Nicki Minaj. She’s a rapper — the Queen of Rap, if you believe Beyoncé’s “Flawless” remix — actress, designer, and mogul. She’s not a businesswoman, she’s a business, woman.

Yesterday, Nicki tweeted that she wanted to speak at her former high school but she was rejected.

Nicki never explained why. The New York City Department of Education told Gossip Cop it was because Nicki wanted to bring a camera and film her visit back. Many people wagered a guess that it may have had something to do with her sexy lyrics.

Or her sexy dance moves. You have seen the “Anaconda” video, haven’t you?

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But we say Nicki is the perfect person to speak to these students. Here’s why:

1. She is a high school graduate. Seems obvious, but worth noting. And LaGuardia High School is a music and performing arts school. Who better to talk to kids who want to succeed in the music and performing arts industry than someone who is successful in the music and performing arts industry?

2. Especially someone who overcame a lot in life to be successful: Money issues were the least of Nicki’s problems as a child. Her father was an alcoholic who once tried to set her house on fire to kill her mother. Yet, she hit the books and persevered. 

3. And she became successful in a male-driven industry as both a woman and a woman of color. Both of which are huge roadblocks to overcome (yes, even in 2014), but she did not let that adversity stop her.

4. She isn’t afraid to call out everyday sexism. This is important stuff that impressionable girls need to hear.

5. She has a brand. She has a fashion line and fragrances and has sold millions of records. That means she has a mind for business, something that wouldn’t be horrible to teach artists.

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6. Most importantly: Because she cares about education.

7. And she knows how important it is to stay in school.

8. And is vocal about making sure her fans do just that.

9. “Don’t you drop out of school, Barbz. Don’t you ever be a loser.”

10. Because we shouldn’t shame women for their sexuality. Would you turn JAY Z away, even though he raps about the same stuff? Yes, her music may not always be appropriate for 15 and 16-year-olds, but she’s more than that.

11. And because he was on American freakin’ Idol. Which is to say: She’s relevant. She’s current. If you disagree...

Kids like her and might actually listen to her.

We would. Sign us up for Boss Ass Bitch 101.