Nicki Minaj Performs with Beyonce in Paris


Sorry Jay Z, Beyonce has a new partner-in-crime on stage.

Nicki Minaj is finally out in Paris with Beyonce just like her lyrics in "Girls Fall Like Dominoes" predicted. The dynamic duo performed together for Beyonce's On The Run Tour in Paris with Jay Z. Nicki could not be more excited as she shared the experience on Instagram.

Wearing what look like coordinated matching outfits, the duo sing the "Flawless" remix in this snap.

It turns out that Nicki wore a Versace suit and shoes. She thanked Donatella before hitting the stage.

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Grateful for the experience, she also thanks Queen B. She says with this photo, "The QUEEN, could never thank you enough."

With her name lit up for Beyonce's stage, Nicki captured this moment saying, "Yup that's my name."

For those of us who couldn't be there for the performance, today, Nicki shared this video of Beyonce. She captions it, "May Day May Day earth to btchs."

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Beyonce and Jay Z performed yesterday after performances in North America that grossed more than $100 million in ticket sales. The Paris shows will be filmed as part of an HBO special. The power couple is set to do one more performance in Paris tonight.

Watch the power of Beyonce in the video below.