One Direction Goofs Off, Still Takes Over Los Angeles

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Can One Direction do any wrong at this point?

Judging from one of three of the British boy band's massive sold-out shows at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. Friday night, the answer is a definite "No."

One Direction powered through their catchy hits such as "Story of My Life," "Best Song Ever" and "That's What Makes You Beautiful" during the course of their roughly two-hour show, but it's their confidence and laid-back vibe that stood out the most.

Starting a half-hour late, the wait only seemed to drive the anticipation further for the appearance of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, as the crowd was hyped up in the meantime by video shorts of the band goofing off.

And the goofy stage antics continued throughout the show -- at one point, Liam jokingly kicked Harry in the stomach, and Harry drove his female fans to a near-frenzy with a surprising crotch grab during "Better Than Words."

... Wait, what?!

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... It's well-known that One Direction doesn't perform choreographed dance routines unlike their boy band predecessors The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, so you gotta keep the crowd interested somehow, right?

For One Direction this involves running up their impressively busy stage and aisles, and blasting seemingly random cutesy images like ghosts, owls and doughnuts on giant video screens.

Though clearly, it's their bromances that are the highest form of entertainment. The boys don't bother to hide the fact that they're having private conversations with one another, and it seems like they're sharing some pretty hilarious private jokes.

And this is the entire vibe of the show -- the boys are above-all, impressively comfortable. Whether it's sitting down and taking a moment, interacting with one another, or getting up-close and personal with their fans, the enormity of a sold-out stadium show clearly doesn't faze them.

Reported celeb womanizer Harry Styles is at the forefront of this, openly chatting with fans seated on the sides of the stage and not afraid to make a little one-one-one conversation.

Though One Direction did acknowledge all the members of the audience who probably weren't "Directioners" -- they took a moment at the end of their concert to "thank all the boyfriends, parents, siblings" who most likely acted as chaperones Friday night.

... But given how much fun the boys were having on-stage, we can bet the over tween-age crowd managed to leave highly entertained as well.

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