Kendrick Lamar Responds to Taylor Swift Being a Super-Fan

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Taylor Swift has made no secret about her love for rapper Kendrick Lamar, the latest example being her much talked-about Rolling Stone cover interview, in which she revealed that she listens to his song "Backseat Freestyle" to go from "feeling victimized to feeling awesome."

"I know every word," she said, even pulling out her phone and some earbuds so that she and Rolling Stone reporter Josh Eels could listen to the song.

And who can forget her epic dance moves at this year's Grammys, when the rapper, 27, took to the stage with Imagine Dragons?

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And apparently, the love is mutual.

"I appreciate Taylor Swift for supporting not only my music but just the hip-hop culture," Kendrick told the Associated Press at the fifth annual ONE Musicfest in Atlanta on Saturday. "There's really no gap. It's music and it feels good."

As for people being surprised that the now bona fide pop star would be such a huge rap fan, Kendrick expressed that that shouldn't be the case.

"Some people always try to lock it down and categorize it for one particular listener," he said. "But it moves all, even people from other genres."

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But mixing genres seems to no longer be Taylor's thing – she made it very clear that her highly anticipated new album 1989 is definitely not country, but her "first documented, official pop album."