Chris Brown's 7 Most NSFW Lyrics on 'X'

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After more than a year of delays, Chris Brown's sixth studio album X was released on Tuesday. So what has Brown been up to in the two years since his last album hit shelves? Well, in between court dates and co-writing all 17 tracks on the album, he's apparently been getting busy with the ladies.

Like, really busy.

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Sure, he gets introspective ("X"), laments lost love ("See You Around") and goes all out for a girl ("Time For Love") on the album – but it all pales in comparison to his love of booty.

To be fair: there are plenty of musical classics that were inspired by the same, but very few that also include math metaphors. (Cocky nerds everywhere may have found a new anthem in "Add Me In.") Turns out, X is a very fitting title for this body of work.

We listened to X and here’s our main takeaway: there's a lot of sexy talk. Some lyrics are amusing, others are cringe-inducing, but mostly they're just TMI. *Read on for seven lyrics that will make you want to take a shower.

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7. I'll calculate her home invasion/Divide your legs and count to 3 (3, 2, 1, come on) – "Add Me In"

6. If by chance you're laying next to someone else right now/I hope it's the worst sex ever – "Drunk Texting"

5. It ain't nothing to make you want it/Get you tipsy, you little blunted/I pulled up in the S-500/F**ked up, feeling all up on it/You know what I came to do, you – "Came to Do"

4. I like it when you're bottom up/Your top down, take you down – "101 (Interlude)"

3. We do it like rock stars/Sexing in my hotel room/And we so loud/Higher than a smoke cloud – "Love More" (Bonus Track)

2. I bet nobody ever did you better/Moving at the speed of sound/I'm tryna find your hidden treasure/Diving deep, girl I'm going down – "Body Shots"

1. And I can see a million ways/For me to surfboard between your waves/Baby going up down, all around/Drip drop, don't stop/No umbrella/Playing in your brain, shut it off/Splashing in your deep end/Hydrate me/Oh baby, come sit down right on my face – "Drown In It"

*We intentionally left off all four minutes of "Songs on 12 Play," because it recycles many of R.Kelly's original lyrics. But, yes, it's very sexual.

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