8 Reasons We Should've Known Iggy Azalea Was A Ghost All Along

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Shocking new photos appear to show the "Fancy" rapper in an almost entirely phantom state. Now, it's easy to write this off by pointing out that what Iggy's wearing in the photo is a blanket, but when you think about it, assuming you believe that ghosts do exist (we can probably assume you do, right?), the evidence that Iggy Azalea is an apparition from beyond is so convincing, it's SPOOKY!

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Okay, let's do this. Here are all the reasons Iggy Azalea might be a ghost.

1. This lip synched performance

Many blame this mishap on a faulty mic or missed cue, but what if Iggy Azalea is so off here because she is COMMUNICATING FROM BEYOND.

2. She sure raps about being "the realest" a lot.

What do you have to prove, Iggy?

3. She took a several foot fall like a champ (or paranormal being)

Iggy Instagrammed herself falling off stage, and she was just fine. She just got back up and kept going. To be fair, the human body is pretty resilient, but you know what's even more resilient? Spirits without corporeal concerns.

4. She is "The New Classic"

Ghost stories are a classic part of American folklore. As Iggy seemingly apparated into America's pop consciousness overnight, it's possible that in 100 years, kids will gather around campfires, and tell eerie stories about that ghost who had that song with Ariana Grande and sued her ex-boyfriend.

5. Her real first name is Amethyst.

Amethyst straight up sounds like a ghost's name. Also, according to air tight sources, amethyst quartz can absorb energies. Ever notice how much Iggy sounds like rapper T.I.? Some say it's because he's her mentor, but maybe it's because she's CHANNELING HIM DURING PERFORMANCES.

6. Middle name: Amelia.

Earheart, anyone? Both Amelia Earhart and (the specter we refer to as) Iggy Azalea are known as powerful female figures in traditionally male dominated fields. Now, while the legend of Amelia ended with a tragic, mysterious flight around the world, a flight around the world is how Iggy's career began. A little suspicious don't you think?

Plus, Bermuda Triangle = Triangle = Illuminati = Hip Hop = Iggy Azalea is a siren spirit of the New World Order (Maybe. Probably not.).

7. Last name: Kelly

Um.... R. Kelly has a song called 'Ghost.' Give us a break, already!

8. Now Let's Anagram Her Name

Amethyst Amelia Kelly is a perfect anagram for "A Hamlet Amity Sleekly," which sounds like gibberish until you consider:

• Iggy is known for her sleekly polished hip hop songs.
• Hamlet is a tragedy where a man gets revenge after being visited by a GHOST.
• As for Amity, The Amity Affliction is a rock band from Iggy's home country of Australia, who in 2012 released an album called CHASING GHOSTS!

Sorry guys, we have to stop now. We're too scared.

Ghost or not, we kind of love Iggy Azalea! Watch the video below for five things you might not know about the "Fancy" rapper.