The 17 Most Gratuitous Butt Shots in Jennifer Lopez's ''Booty'' Music Video


Above: Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea. We would forgive you if, after watching their “Booty” music video, you were like, “Really? I feel like I remember them looking more round and fleshy, with less eyeballs and mouths and stuff.”

Those are their butts. You’re thinking of their butts.

Probably because you saw more booty than face in the “Booty” music video. Naturally? Obviously? Maybe we should have expected this? Maybe we just were not ready for this jelly? Below: the 17 most gratuitous ass shots.

1. Right off the bat, we’re starting with butt. This is literally the first shot of the music video (if you ignore that weird futuristic countdown thing). We don’t start on J.Lo’s face. We start on butt.

2. And then we are introduced to Iggy’s butt.

3. This video is the great meeting of the butts.

4. But, and we can’t reiterate this enough: it’s all about J.Lo’s butt. Here, Iggy’s butt is barely able (worthy?) to stay in the same frame. Also, sometimes you can’t tell if Jennifer Lopez is even wearing pants.

5. (She is.)

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6. This is like, a from-the-side, beautifully backlit, Flashdance butt.

7. But like Flashdance if Jennifer Beals had a wedgie the entire time.

8. This is just a shot of Jennifer Lopez’s butt lying on the ground? That’s seriously all this is. She’s not doing anything. She’s just lying there while they film her butt. A relaxed butt. A relaxing butt.

9. And now throw your butts in the air!

10. Wave it ‘round like you just don’t care!

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11. This is not a natural pose at all.

12. As we near the end of the video, it appears Iggy has figured out that if she wants to get any face time in this music video, she needs to relocate that face near J.Lo’s butt. Smart. Savvy.

13. Butt.

14. This butt is wet? Oiled? Gross?

Wipe your butt off, J.Lo. 

15. This butt cannot be contained.

16. This is a peekaboo butt!

17. And this is one last butt for the road.