Keith Urban Delivers 'Intoxicating' Full-Length 'Somewhere In My Car' Video

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As promised, Keith Urban has delivered a super sexy music video to accompany his latest single.

"Somewhere In My Car" dropped on Thursday complete with moody lighting, black and white vignettes, fogged-up car windows, wet clothes and lots of skin. (LOTS of skin!) Keith doesn't get in on any of the action, but we do get a good look at his sultry stare and stellar guitar skills.

BRB, we gotta go watch this again. And again… and again… You know, for research purposes.

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As for the video's ultra-hot couple – they are played by models Jehane Paris and Rodrigo Calazans. You can see more of their beautiful faces in ET's exclusive behind the scenes video from the shoot.

"The story [of "Somewhere In My Car"] is what I would call melancholy," said Urban. "So for me, the video had to be centered around the present and the past, but focused on the intoxicating emotion of 'those nights.'"

Intoxicating -- that's one word for it!

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"Somewhere In My Car" is directed by John Urbano, who previously teamed with the singer on the "Cop Car" video.

"I wanted to make a music video where the imagery and song writing felt like they were created at the same time," Urbano said of his latest project. "From the beginning we both wanted this video to be hot with the concept being about how this guy goes mildly crazy thinking about his past relationship. In his mind he's 'somewhere in his car,' where he's having multiple flashbacks that build emotionally with each chorus."

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