Kelis Doesn't Even Like Milkshakes

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Everything you thought you knew is a lie.

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Kelis, who became famous after her 2003 hit single "Milkshake," has revealed that she is not a fan of the dessert beverage.

"Funnily enough, I don't actually drink milkshakes," she admitted to the U.K.'s Mirror.

For the uninitiated, Kelis, 35, previously revealed "milkshake" to be a metaphor for "something that makes women special," and we haven't felt this betrayed since Milli Vanilli.

Now, Kelis (if that is her real name) wants to open a restaurant chain soon, which would presumably feature her line of signature sauces, Feast, coming out this winter.

"I would love to open a restaurant in the near future," the singer said before a performance at Harman IFA in Berlin.

Now, we're questioning everything. Did James Brown in fact feel bad? Does Sir Mix-a-Lot really like big butts? Don't dwell on it too long. This video of Samuel L. Jackson singing karaoke will make you feel better.