Nick Offerman Directs This Wacky, Star-Studded Music Video


Nick Offerman is best known for playing the bacon-loving, scotch-swilling, all-American Ron Swanson on NBC's Parks & Rec. However, he's also a stand-up comic with a bizarre sense of humor which shines in this brand new music video.

Offerman helmed the ambitiously retro and superbly bizarre video for the song 'Low Key' by Tweedy, the new project from Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy and his son.

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In the star-studded video, Tweedy is told by their record label that – due to plummeting profits for the music industry – they will have to sell their new album door-to-door. Along the way, they meet a whole host of strange characters.

Man Of Steel
star Michael Shannon, Daily Show correspondent John Hodgman, Melissa McCarthy, Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter are just a few of the quirky cameos in this delightful short.

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Also, make sure to watch till the end for a mind-blowing twist ending. Or, well, a really weird twist ending at the very least.

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