9 Actors With Their Own Bands


Hollywood is full of multi-talented people, and these stars are no exception! We're breaking down nine actors who lent their talents to the music industry with their own bands.

1. Ryan Gosling – Dead Man's Bones
He's handsome, he's a good actor – and yes, we can even add musician to the list! Ryan Gosling and friend Zach Shields formed the indie-rock band "Dead Man's Bones" in 2007. The duo met when Gosling was dating Rachel McAdams and Shields was dating her sister Kayleen.

2. Jada Pinkett Smith – Wicked Wisdom

Jada Pinkett Smith formed the metal band "Wicked Wisdom" back in 2002 – Yes, she fronts a METAL band! She performs under the stage name "Jada Koren."

3. Zooey Deschanel – She & Him
We all know Zooey Deschanel loves to sing – So it came as no surprise when she and M. Ward formed "She & Him" in 2006 after M. Ward heard the actress belting it out in the movie "Elf."

4. Kevin Bacon – The Bacon Brothers

Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael formed "The Bacon Brothers" in 1995. The duo have a whopping six released albums to their name.

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5. Jack Black – Tenacious D
Jack Black leads the comedy/rock band "Tenacious D" along with Kyle Gass. The band gained nationwide popularity in 1999 due their eponymous television show.

6. Russell Crowe – 30 Odd Foot of Grunts
We got to hear Russell Crowe flexing his golden pipes in the 2012 film version of Les Misérables – But Crowe's been recording music with various groups since the '80s – Most notably, his band "30 Odd Foot of Grunts."

7. Jared Leto – Thirty Seconds to Mars
Of course, we have to mention Jared Leto in "Thirty Seconds to Mars" – Jared and his brother Shannon formed the band back in 1998, originally as a collaboration between the two brothers.

8. Jason Schwartzman – Phantom Planet
Though he left the band to commit full-time to his acting career, Jason Schwartzman was once the drummer of the hit band "Phantom Planet." – Famous for pumping out hits like "California."

9. Steve Martin – Steep Canyon Rangers
Comedian Steve Martin has been strumming the banjo since he was 17-years-old. He originally used the instrument as part of his standup – But the routine later evolved into Martin’s very own bluegrass hits with the band "Steep Canyon Rangers." In fact, he’s been nominated for six Grammy Awards, and has taken home five!

Quite impressive! Check out the video above to hear your favorite actors playing their very own tunes.