Mariah Carey Sings 23 Songs A Night on New Tour, But Misses Some High Notes


Even the Elusive Chanteuse can have an off night.

Mariah Carey kicked off her Elusive Chanteuse Show tour in Japan on Saturday, but it wasn't quite the start she was probably hoping for. Amid a few technical difficulties with her microphone, Carey's powerhouse voice also seemed to fail her.

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Videos surfaced on YouTube following the 23-song set (um, 23-song set?!?!) in which superstar's iconic voice (GASP) cracked and, at times, failed to hit her signature high notes.

But it wasn't all bad news for Mimi. There are clips circulating the web in which she actually sounds pretty good, but unfortunately for her it's those unflattering videos that are going viral.

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No matter: Mariah is shaking off the haters by posting photos from the sold-out show on her official website and re-tweeting some of her more vocal fans.

What do you think: Was Mariah just a little rusty, or should we be worried about her voice?

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