EXCLUSIVE: Ed Sheeran Dances His Ass Off, Ditches Beer and Shows Off Sexy New Look in 'Thinking Out Loud'


Only ET was backstage with the singer-songwriter as he shot the romantic music video.

This is Ed Sheeran like we've never seen him before.

Sure, he's just as handsome as ever, but the 23-year-old ditches his typical garb (hoodies and flannel) for something a bit more formal in the new music video for his uber-romantic single, "Thinking Out Loud." Not only that, but Ed is also upping his screen time from mere cameo roles to full-fledged leading man.

Only ET's Sophie Schillaci was with Ed backstage as he filmed the video, and he filled us in on his grueling rehearsal schedule and his surprising method for dropping 35 pounds.

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To prepare for the shoot, Ed invited two professional dancers on tour with him. He practiced eight hours a day for five days and the results are impressive! "I can see why dancers are in such good shape," he says.

Ed also confesses: "I've dropped 35 pounds in like, three months just from not drinking beer." Has it been tough to cut that out? "Not really. I’ve just replaced it with vodka."

And that is exactly why we love this man: he's talented, unfiltered and witty to boot.

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Also: he's clearly got the romance thing down. We're calling it now – "Thinking Out Loud" is poised to become the wedding song of 2015. In fact, Sheeran tells us that he's already performed the song at four weddings (including Scooter Braun's).

"I think this is gonna be one of those songs that gets played to death," Sheeran tells us. "Then no one wants at their wedding, 'cause they're just like, 'Oh yeah, that song's not special anymore.'"

We have to admit, that’s exactly our fear. "Thinking Out Loud" is our favorite song on Sheeran's latest album, x, and "overplayed" is the last fate we want it to meet. But should you find yourself falling out of love with the intoxicating track, fear not. Sheeran promises to "write another one" on the next record.

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Now that Sheeran is a lean, mean, dancing machine, we just had one more question to ask: Would he ever compete on Dancing With the Stars or Strictly Come Dancing? Find out his answer in the video above, and hear how pal Taylor Swift reacted the first time she saw Sheeran's rehearsal footage.

For more from our interview with the singer, tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday.

See the finished product below. Are you impressed with Ed's newfound dancing skills?

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