'God Only Knows' How All These Musicians Got In One Video


Who isn't in this performance?! Somehow, BBC Music managed to wrangle together everyone who has ever had a hit song and had them sing a line or two of the beloved classic Beach Boys song "God Only Knows."

Seriously, it's ridiculous how many stars they got for this one performance. One might even say it's impossible. Actually, that's really what the BBC called the ensemble: The Impossible Orchestra.

Here are just a few of the dozens of performers who make cameos in this awesome video. 

Pharrell Williams and his high-water pants. Where's his hat?!

Elton John and his amazing butterfly suit. We hope he wore this Neil Patrick Harris' wedding.

Lorde and her gorgeous, gothic angel wings.

Stevie Wonder was in a diamond rain storm.

One Direction is just doin' their thing.

 Dave Grohl is the god of lightning.

 Sam Smith has a lonely cloud window.

Check out the video and see if you can spot ALL the other stars. 

As pointed out by Rolling Stone
, the BBC released a similar video 17 years ago, with dozens of other stars signing a version of Lou Reed's classic "Perfect Day." Elton John makes an appearance in both videos.

Come to think of it, there was one star who seemed to be missing from the "God Only Knows" festivities: Ed Sheeran. Perhaps the "Thinking Out Loud" singer was too busy getting in crazy good shape to participate. Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes interview of Sheeran on the set of his new music video.