Did Iggy Azalea & Mo Give the Most Awkward 'SNL' Performance Ever?


Though it isn't quite as bad as Ashlee Simpson's hoe-down 10 years ago, Iggy Azalea and singer Mø's performance of "Beg for It" on Saturday Night Live this past weekend will certainly go down as one of the most cringe-worthy live moments in recent history.

Though Iggy's rapping was less-than-stellar due to some pretty awkward timing, it was undoubtedly Danish singer Mø's nervous dancing and offbeat singing that received the worst of the criticism.

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Mø, 26, acknowledged her not-so-great SNL debut on Twitter Sunday, posting a handwritten note.

"So ... Yesterday, as some of u might know, I performed alongside @IggyAzalea at @SaturdayNightLive," she wrote. "I was BEYOND excited (!!!) - but unfortunately I had some technical issues which caused latency on my vocals, and as a result I got confused and my timing was off. It pains me and I'm SO sad today. But life goes on ... "

But though Mø might be the one apologizing Sunday, the performance is sure to bring out all the Iggy Azalea haters in full-force, who point out that this isn't the first time a performance by the 24-year-old rapper has gone awry.

Iggy apologized in May for herDancing with the Stars flub in which she had to halt "Fancy" midway because of a faulty earpiece, and in September, video of her performing "Acting Like That" with Jennifer Lopez at Chicago's B96 Summerbash had people calling her out for not even attempting to lip-synch.

And who could forget her epic stage fall at a MTV VMA benefit show in August?

No apology yet from Iggy for this most recent disappointment -- or who's to blame.

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Though according to Iggy, none other than Jennifer Lopez was at fault for the embarrassing VMA moment.

Find out why in the video below.