If You Must Be a Country Cliche for Halloween, Maddie & Tae Can Show You How


Whether you're a wannabe cowgirl or cowboy, country singers Maddie & Tae have some solid advice when it comes to dressing up like a cliché for Halloween.

"We advise y'all not to," Maddie says, "'cause you’re gonna get really cold and uncomfortable."

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To wit: the "bro-country" female stereotype that this duo sings about in their breakout single "Girl in a Country Song" is rarely pictured in anything other than a bikini top and painted-on, cut-off jeans. But if Mean Girlstaught us anything in the last decade, it's that Halloween is the one time of year to wear something – shall we say, out of character.

When it comes to the country cliché, Maddie & Tae are experts. These fresh-faced newcomers are taking stars like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line to task with "Girl in a Country Song," pulling lyrics directly from the boys and flipping them on their head.

As the girls croon on the track: "I hear you over there on your tailgate whistlin'/Sayin' 'Hey Girl'/But you know I ain't listenin'/Cause I got a name/And to you it ain't pretty little thing, honey or baby/Yeah it's drivin' me redneck crazy."

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Maddie & Tae tell ETonline that they ticked their way through a checklist while writing the song. Tailgates? Check. Tan lines? Check. Shaking of moneymakers and/or sugar shakers? Check, check.

Now the girls are teaching us how to achieve that perfect Halloween look, whether you're a "tan-legged Juliet" or (even better) a "tan-legged Romeo." See the duo’s step-by-step guide in the video player above (and seriously – don't forget that spray tan).

But if you hate the way that bikini top chafes – as they sing -- ETonline has got you covered with even more pop culture costume ideas.

Pull together your spookiest or silliest ensemble for Halloween and be sure to post a pic to Instagram with #MaddieAndTae – the girls are giving away a signed copy of their new EP (out November 4) to the lucky winner.

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