Why Rihanna Returning to Instagram Is the Most Important News of the Week


BadGalRiRi is back. Hallelujah emoji!

has RIHturned to Instagram. Hallelujah emoji. (Or “Person Raising Both Hands in Celebration” emoji. Whatever they’re calling it these days.)

Hellurrr #badgalback

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If you aren’t familiar with BadGalRiRi – that is, Rihanna’s Instagram username/ Instagram persona/real-life persona(?) – we’ll forgive you if you aren't able to fully appreciate why this is such a big deal.

Because BadGalRiRi knows how big a deal it is.

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For those uninitiated in the BadGalRiRi way, her selfie game is on point.

She never says no to an impromptu photoshoot. There will be 85 photos of different poses from the same shoot and you will double tap every one of them, because bish be fiiiiierce:

She loves a good meme. And she LOVES a Rihanna meme:

First things first, she’s the RIH-lest.

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It’s the closest any of us are going to get to actually partying with Rihanna. And who doesn’t want to party with Rihanna? But it’s more than that. She is changing the world. BadGalRiRi is making a difference.

She was on the forefront of fighting Instagram’s nipple shaming policy.

The reason RiRi quit Instagram in the first place is because they (temporarily) suspended her account after she posted topless photos from a photoshoot she did with Lui magazine.

Rihanna was a pioneer in the protest against Instagram’s stringent – and sexist – nudity rules. And now we're all outraged because Instagram violated Chelsea Handler’s civil rights to #nofilter pics of her boobs? WHERE WERE YOU FOR RIHANNA AND HER BOOBS?

You abandoned her in her time of need.

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She responded to fans on Instagram before Taylor Swift made it cool to respond to fans on Instagram.

So she’s not writing entire essays on bullying and self-esteem that leave fans “bawling in tears so hard right now.” But one time Rihanna helped a fans pick out a pair of shoes:

OK, sometimes her responses are shady:

And sometimes they’re downright rude:

But at least she’s responding? And the rest of us looove it.

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Because what does it mean?

One has to assume that Rihanna reactivating (RIHactivating...sorry) her account has to mean something. Most artists use their Instagram to promote their music. Could this mean we’re (finally) going to get new music from Rihanna? Or that not-so-secret secret album Beyoncé may release next week – which supposedly includes a duet with Rihanna – is real? Or none of the above but something equally exciting?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. But go follow BadGalRiRi now anyway.

She. by @gomillionandleupold #SouthAfrica #Capetown

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Because what other pop star is out there striking Vogue poses with penguins?

Now, find out how Rihanna stole the show at last weekend’s amfAR Gala: