Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Is Eerily Perfect with This '80s Aerobics Workout


Taylor Swift
is once again a chart-topping darling, but after watching this video, you'll be asking yourself if she's also a time traveler.

Some genius of the Internet found an aerobic dance video allegedly from the 1980s that when put to Swift's 2014 hit song "Shake It Off," almost seems like it was choreographed to the song down to the second.

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(The original video was pulled from YouTube by Universal Music Group — first Spotify and now this?! — but if this version gets pulled too, you can watch the original video here and sync it up with "Shake It Off" on iTunes.)

Is this all just a marketing ploy to get 2 million albums of Swift's 1989 sold, or is it an amazing coincidence?

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"Shake It Off" was the first single released off of the singer's debut pop album this past August, and with it came a coinciding music video that showed Swift attempting to dance with professionals. "You can tell who someone is by how they dance," she said.

Since then, 1989 has been breaking records, becoming the first album to sell over 1 million copies this year and in its first week.

How do you explain this aerobics class' dance moves being perfectly synced to "Shake It Off"?