Garth Brooks Relives 'Beautiful Moment' With Cancer Patient on Entertainment Tonight


As he celebrates the release of his highly anticipated comeback album, Garth Brooks was in for a big surprise on the set of Entertainment Tonight.

During a sit-down interview with Nancy O'Dell on Tuesday morning, Garth was shocked to receive a visit from Teresa Shawthe cancer patient whom he serenaded during a recent tour stop in Minneapolis. The tear-jerking clip went viral over the weekend after Garth tearfully encouraged Teresa to "kick cancer's ass" and gave her his personal guitar.

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"It was a beautiful moment just between me and you," Garth told his longtime fan on Tuesday, revealing that her handmade sign (which read: "Chemo this morning. Garth tonight. Enjoy the dance.") will stay in his personal locker throughout his world tour "because of the strength it will bring."

Moments before the surprise, Garth revealed to Nancy what went through his mind that night on stage.

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"We're in the second of two shows in one night…We're doing two shows some nights, back to back, so we do four shows in 24 hours and you're looking at the drummer and he's peeling skin off his fingers and you're looking at everybody and everybody's trying to stay up," he said. "That's a big ask for these people to do that. And then you see someone with a sign that says, 'Chemo This Morning, [Garth Tonight. Enjoy The Dance.]' And you're like, 'Am I really [complaining] about anything? Really?' It put it all in perspective. Caught me off guard, but [Shaw] was so sweet and her face just said it all…No walls, no barriers, that's when magic happens, that's it."

See the moment play out on Tuesday's edition of Entertainment Tonight, and stay tuned to ETonline for more from Garth's sit-down.

Man Against Machine, Garth's first album since 2001, is available now.