Garth Brooks Tears Up Over His Most Personal Album Yet


ET's Nancy O'Dell hopped on Garth Brooks' tour bus for an emotional day in the life of the country music star, who opened up about some of his most personal songs yet.

Garth, 52, is known for his generosity towards his fans (during our day with him, Garth never tired of signing autographs and posing for photos), but the country legend put his heart and soul into his latest album, Man Against Machine, out now. Nancy was curious about the song "Mom" in particular. Garth explained that his daughter August acted as a muse for the song.

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"The face I kept seeing was that of my daughter August," Garth says. "This woman is meant to be a mom ... My baby might be the greatest mom I've ever seen to her child."

Garth became a grandparent for the first time when August and her high school sweetheart Chance Michael Russell welcomed baby daughter Karalynn in July 2013.

Nancy rode with Garth as he headed to Silicon Valley to launch his social media platforms straight from the Twitter and Facebook headquarters.

"What I like about social media is it takes everything between you and the people that allow you to be an artist, [it] just takes it away," says Garth, who had previously resisted getting on the social media train. "What other thing in my life is like that? The concerts. There's nothing in between you and these people at a concert, and so social media can make every day of my life like that. Count me in."

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Yesterday, Garth stopped by the ET studio to chat about the release of Man Against the Machine, his first album since 2001.

"I feel like the first time we released the first album," Garth said. "It's like starting over again, so naturally [I feel] scared, wanting people to like it but at the same time, an album hopefully reveals who you are inside so it's a very vulnerable time."

Watch Garth's full performance of "Mom" in the player below.