First Listen: Lana Del Rey's Haunting 'Big Eyes' Song

Shannon Cottrell

Lana Del Rey is channeling Amy Adams with her latest song.

"Big Eyes" features in Tim Burton's film of the same name, a biopic about real-life artist Margaret Keane (played by Adams) whose big-eyed paintings became a sensation while her husband (Christoph Waltz) took all the credit. Del Rey's haunting track touches on betrayal, love and, obviously, those cartoon eyeballs.

WATCH: First Look at Amy Adams in Buzzy 'Big Eyes'

A one-minute preview of the song's lyric video debuted Monday on Yahoo! Movies. Take a look in the player below.

"Big Eyes" is one of two tracks Del Rey penned for the film. The other, "I Can Fly," will play during the end credits. This marks the second time that Del Rey has contributed original music for a film's soundtrack -- her  "Young and Beautiful" was in The Great Gatsby -- and has some speculating that the critical darling could be in line to score an Oscar nomination next year.

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Earlier this year, ET had your first look at the film (see below). Big Eyes opens on Dec. 25.

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