Azealia Banks Slams Iggy Azalea on Twitter, Calls Her 'Igloo Australia'

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It appears now Iggy Azalea is getting heat for what she didn't say. Hip-hop artist Azealia Banks is taking aim at the "Fancy" singer for not speaking out about the recent Ferguson and Eric Garner verdicts.

"It's funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen," Banks tweeted to her 531,000 followers on Wednesday night, following the news that a New York grand jury did not indict the cop responsible for the death of Eric Garner. "Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren't huh?"

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The rant goes on and on, with one tweet reading: "LOL I'm petty, but it's so true, ugh, that wannabe black girl s*** makes me wanna throw a glass of piss at her."

Banks, 23, becomes even more vulgar towards the 24-year-old Australian rapper, writing: "Like, fill a jar with piss and mayo and eggs and just dump that sh**on that b**ch's head LMFAOOOOOOO."

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The tweets then begin to defend Nicki Minaj ...for some reason. "And the media needs to STOP trying to move igloo in on what Nicki has established," she writes. "Nicki is a hard-working rap-BEAST. stop trying to degrade and BELITTLE Our culture with this f**king kkk iggy sh**."

Banks also put her jabs into a holiday song. "And Now,..... for my next trick, i will write a Christmas Carol!!!!!!" she writes. "I'mmmm Dreeeeaaming Of a Whiiiiiiteee Racisttttt!!!" She later deleted these tweets.

The New York City rapper concluded her rant by writing: "I feel discriminated against."

Azalea responded to this slam on Thursday morning, writing to her 3.34 million followers: "There's more to sparking a change than trolling on social media. World issues shouldn't be used as a poor excuse to promote fan battles."

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Tweeting a link to how people can help during the Ferguson and Garner controversies, she wrote: "Make sure you do something to let YOUR government know how you feel when something is unjust., not JUST your followers on twitter..."

Azalea added: "Make sure you sign petitions, hit the streets and protest or donate to groups helping to support and rebuild the community too."

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She eventually called out Banks directly, tweeting: "CLEARLY your CONCERN is finding any reason to promote shade, trolling, fan fights and memes. I know you guys by now, you don't fool me."

Whose side are you on? Stand by your rapper in the comments and tweet #ETnow.

This isn't the first hip-hop feud Azalea has found herself in. She also had a spat with rapper Snoop Dogg. Meanwhile, Banks has sparked controversy on Twitter several times in the past. Get the details on Azalea's run-in with Snoop, below.

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