Mary J. Blige Puts a Spotlight on Domestic Abuse in New Music Video


Mary J. Blige is putting a spotlight on domestic abuse in her powerful new music video for "Whole Damn Year."

"It took a whole damn year to repair my body, it took a whole damn year," are just a few of the lyrics the R&B star belts out on her new track.

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The video tells the story of three separate domestic violence incidents and the cycle one goes through in trying to break free from the emotional and physical pain they have endured.

"Yes I'm good on the surface/ But I'm a mess, I'm a mess underneath," Blige sings. "See winter took most of my heart/ And Spring punched right in the stomach/Summer came looking for blood/ And by autumn, I was left with nothing."

The single is off her 13th studio album The London Sessions and the subject of the video is one that Ms. Blige happens to have witnessed first-hand as a child.

According to, the 43-year-old witnessed her father abusing her mother quite a bit in her younger years.

"My mother went through awful abuse from my father," she reportedly said. "He left us when I was 4, but he'd come back from time to time and abuse her some more."

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She reportedly added that she and her mother moved to a public housing project in Yonkers to escape from her father, but they still experienced violence in their new residence.

"I'd hear women screaming and running down the halls from guys beating up on them," Blige said. "People chased us with weapons. I never saw a woman there who wasn't abused. It was a dangerous place."

Check out the video above to see Mary’s new music video for "Whole Damn Year."