Flashback: 12-Year-Old Aaron Carter Wanted to be a Marine Biologist


Here's a little bit of old school for you -- that goes a little something like this:

The "flyest kid on the block" celebrated his 27th birthday Dec. 7th -- so we're taking a trip down memory lane back to the year 2000, when ET caught up with 12-year-old Aaron Carter for the release of his album "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)."

"I just wanted it to be like a party and for everybody to like my music because I want all different kinds of audiences," Aaron told ETof his sophomore album.

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Back then, "all the fine girls couldn't turn him down," including one crazed fan who took it a step too far.

"A fan jumped on the back of the [tour] bus and was clinged on it and hooked on the ladder, and was on the back of the bus for like two hours," said Aaron. "I said, ‘here -- if you get off, I'll sign an autograph and we'll call a cab for you to go home.’"

While Aaron was a pre-teen star on the rise, the effects of fame were already hitting him -- especially when it came to his friends.

"I try to have friends but if I tell them anything, they get kind of jealous," Aaron told ET. "When they come over the house it's, 'I want to play Nintendo in your house! Can I go in your house? Can I meet your brother?' Stuff like that."

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But music wasn't Aaron’s first passion. He had goals of eventually leaving the music industry to follow his true passion.

"My ultimate goal is to be a marine biologist because that's my dream. I always wanted to be one and I always wanted to be a discoverer and go around the world, see different things."

If you're not quite ready for Aaron to drop the mic, fear not! He is currently on a tour around the world aptly titled "The Wonderful World Tour." Yay!

Check out this video for more from 12-year-old Aaron (and his party).