Who is the Highest Earning Musician of 2014?


When it comes to making music, it's good to be these five artists.

Forbeshas released its annual list of highest-earning musicians, and we're breaking down who made it into the top five this year!

#5: Bruce Springsteen
This rock star brought in a reported $81 million last year thanks to his tour (and the fact that his music will never ever get old).

#4: Bon Jovi
These guys will forever be "Livin' on a Prayer" and we will be right there with them. They sang their way to the bank, making a total of $82 million this year. Between their Because We Can Tour and being awesome, all-around rock star stars, the number four spot seems quite fitting for them.

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#3: The Eagles
Sorry Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, and Lady Gaga, the Eagles made more than all of you combined this year. Earning a total of $100 million in 2014, it seems as though they're more on fire now than ever before.

#2: Beyoncé
"Bow down, bitches." Literally, that's what we should all be doing to Beyoncé. Not only did she make history with her GRAMMY nominations on Friday, but she's the only female artist on this list. She raked in $115 million this year and we pretty much only have one more thing to say about this, "Beyoncé for President 2016".

Check out the video above to see which musician came in at number 1.