Why Blue Ivy Was the Breakout Star of 2014


Don’t get us wrong, Blue Ivy had a pretty good 2013. Her mom (that’d be Beyoncé) released a surprise album and Blue featured on the song “Blue” and starred in the music video:

But 2014 was the year she went from the back of a head in some of Beyoncé’s Tumblr pictures to Blue Ivy, breakout star of the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards, frequent flier, and premiere Michael Jackson impersonator.

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My Super Sweet 2nd Birthday:
Blue Ivy may have had an extravagant 1st birthday party — we wouldn’t know, our invite got lost in the mail — but this year she really upped her bday (or B’day) game and had an entire zoo rented for her private party, the Jungle Island wildlife park and botanical garden in Miami.


And one party simply would not be enough for Blue. Maybe in 2013, but not her breakout star year. This picture features Bey’s legs-for-days, Jay Z’s bright ass blue jacket and still, the only thing we’re looking at is Blue (who is looking at Michelle Williams like, “Who’s this chick?”)


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Like Mother Like Daughter:
We used to follow Queen B on Instagram for her selfies and OOTDs and the occasional ratchet shot (R.I.P. baddiebey). Now we just follow for the Blue Ivy cameos. And while we used to get photos like this:

And 700K people will like that photo of her foot because they’re peasants compared to her. But Blue really established her social media presence this year. For example: this picture is disgustingly adorable. Who is even cuter in this picture, Beyoncé or Blue Ivy? We’re going with Blue on this one.

And who is fiercer in this picture? C’mon. Blue Ivy, obviously.

Can't Blue Ivy just get her own Instagram already?

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Ride or Die First Class:
Blue Ivy of 2013 may have flown coach — what did she know back then? — but this year it was private jet or you can go to your show alone, Jay. So during her parents’ On The Run tour this summer, Blue was right there the whole time, the truest VIP.

And while her parents had to perform three hours every night, running through their hits of the 90s, 2000s, and today, Blue only had to let them show some of her old home videos to steal the show.

The Debut of the Bun:
That bun tho. It’s hard to believe, but there was a time when people would ignorantly comment on Blue’s hair, like she would care what they had to say or that they even existed at all. (Oh wait, that just happened this year.) But Blue shut down all her haters when she debuted her bun.

Blue Ivy’s bun was probably the actual breakout star of 2014.

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The MTV Video Music Awards Presents: Blue Ivy:
Blue wasn’t nominated for any VMAs this year — not yet — but she was the biggest star in attendance, her official TV debut. It’s practically blasphemous to say, but while Beyoncé was performing her 15-minute tribute to Beyoncé, we weren’t actually paying attention to her. We were waiting for the camera to cut back to Blue dancing in the audience.

Stealing your mommy’s big moment? That’s cold. But Blue Ivy was feeling generous, so she presented Bey with some sort of lifetime achievement award. A star this big remembering where she came from (literally). Incredible.

Getty Images

Beyoncé uploaded this video the next day, revealing the behind-the-scenes work that went into her performance. But most people just kept rewatching it to hear Blue say, “Everybody say good job!”

A Legend Reborn: After the VMAs, it was one ***flawless appearance after another. On Halloween, Blue channeled Michael Jackson next to Beyoncé’s Janet. Blue is already the best performer of our generation.

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Solange Getting Married:
What a beautiful bride! Hold up, is that Miss Tina?! Hold up again, is that Blue? THE Blue? The junior Carter managed to pencil in a brief visit to Solange’s wedding, but skipped out on the after party because she’s already stolen enough attention away from the bride on her big day.

2014, The Year of Blue:
What do you give a girl who has everything?

Respect. In summary: Bow down, bitches. Bow down.

Meanwhile, watch Beyoncé bare her soul in her short film, Yours and Mine:

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