Drake's Mom Explains Why People Think He Cries All the Time


Drake's mom Sandi on the rapper's emo image.

Through Drake's more recent songs have been a lot more aggressive than his past emotional hits such as "Best I Ever Had" "Marvin's Room," and "Find Your Love," the 28-year-old rapper is probably destined to hang on to his super-sensitive image forever.

... Ever heard of the saying, "Don't Drake and drive," or you'll end up at your ex's house?

Clearly, the former Degrassi star is aware of his softie image, and recently videotaped his mom Sandi Graham's take on it.

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According to Sandi, Drake actually never cries, but does have a "sensitive soul."

"It's not that you cry at all," she says in a hilarious Christmas video that Drake posted on his Instagram. "I've never seen you cry on stage or even when the two of us are just together."

"They don't think you cry," she adds. "They would imagine that you would be a person that would cry because you are a sensitive soul."

Drake has acknowledged his sensitive image before, telling the AP last September, "I'm emotional, yeah, I guess. Let that be the worst thing in my life, please, not something like drug charges and God knows what else. I don't get myself in trouble, so if the negative feedback that I do get is the worst thing that's going to happen to me, then so be it."

He also called his mother "the most important person" in his life.

"My mother is an incredible woman," he said. "She's brought me to this point single-handedly."

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In July, Drake hosted the 2014 ESPY Awards, when Michael Sam -- the first openly gay player drafted by an NFL team -- accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award and gave one of the most moving speeches ever.

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