Kanye West Fans Question Who 'Newcomer' Paul McCartney Is


Some Kanye West fans mistake Paul McCartney for a "new artist."

It turns out not everyone is familiar with music legend Paul McCartney.

Though the 72-year-old singer unforgettably changed music history with The Beatles, some Kanye West fans found themselves questioning the "newcomer" on social media after his collaboration with Kanye West on the super-sweet "Only One" dropped on New Year's Eve.

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Tweets included some fans mistaking him for an "unknown artist" Kanye was charitable enough to shine a light on.

Not surprisingly, plenty of music fans were offended by the musical ignorance.

Though McCartney himself is taking all the attention in stride, tweeting about his collaboration with the controversial rapper on Friday.

And "Only One," a ballad sung to his daughter North from the perspective of Kanye's mother, who passed away in 2007 due to surgery complications, could just be the start of a larger project between West and McCartney -- a rep for the rapper describes the song as the first "publicly available recording from what has become a prolific musical collaboration between these two legendary artists."

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In the meantime, check out plenty of stars who do know who McCartney is -- Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp among other A-listers starred in his music video for "Queenie Eye" last October.

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