'Uptown Funk' Is Already the Best Song of 2014 and 2015 (and It's Even Better Live)


By now, you’ve all heard “Uptown Funk,” the Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song that plays on every radio station all the time and we’re not even mad about it because it’s our favorite song, your favorite song, and everybody’s favorite song. Here’s the music video, if you haven’t:

The video is great and fun and all, but “Uptown Funk” live is where it’s at.

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Thankfully, Mark has been carting Bruno around to all sorts of shows lately to perform it. The live performance is the best, for one, because it’s all dancing. If you can listen to this song and not dance, you are a soulless, heartless robot. So they dance, we dance, the world dances:


On Ellen the audience was part of the performance! Doing the dance!

And there’s so very much swagger. Dangerous amounts of swagger.


Scientists will study these live performances to see how much swagger human beings can safely endure. This SNL performance is close to swagger overload. P.S. this is exactly how we (try to) walk every time this song comes on.

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And lest we forget: THE GOLD HAIR ROLLERS.


We love the music video and watch it approximately every hour on the hour. And while the music video does feature a retro hair salon, it does not feature gold hair rollers. This performance from The Voice does.

Basically, this was just an excuse to post all the different live performances of “Uptown Funk.” Now enjoy having zero productivity for the rest of the day as you re-watch these over and over and over. Bye!

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