New Kids on the Block Team with TLC, Nelly for the Ultimate Nostalgia Tour

ET was with the original boy band on Tuesday to get all the details.

The New Kids are at it again.

In what promises to be the hottest summer ticket for '80s and '90s kids across the country, New Kids on the Block have teamed up with TLC and Nelly for The Main Event summer tour.

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"We always have something special up our sleeves," NKOTB member Donnie Wahlberg said in a statement. "Our fans keep asking us to come back out on the road, and we want to keep giving them what they want! We wanted to make sure it was something new and fresh and fun and totally worthwhile for all of our supporters year after year. This year, we are making it THE MAIN EVENT. And we promise, it will be THE TICKET of the summer."

How could it not be? Kicking off May 1 in Las Vegas, Nev., The Main Event is the only show where fans can hear "You Got It (The Right Stuff)," "Scrubs," and "Ride Wit Me" all under one roof – and on a 360-degree optimal viewing stage, to boot. You just can't say no to that.

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Entertainment Tonight is with NKOTB on Tuesday in New York City to get all the delicious details on the tour. Tune in Tuesday night for the full interview!

Tickets go on sale Jan. 31st and you can find all the details on the band's website.

The tour news comes just one day after TLC announced that they would be funding their next (and supposedly final) album on Kickstarter.

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"We want to do an album but we want to do it on our own, we want to be creative, think outside the box and just be free to do what we really want to do," the girls said in a video on the crowd sourcing site. "You guys have made it possible for us to stay h ere for 20-plus years. Thanks for the love, the support, being through the thick and thin and guess what? We’re ready!"

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